English Copywriter in Paris: post-pregancy musings

English Copywriter in Paris: post-pregancy musings

It’s been a while. I had good intentions before, during and after the big event.

I could say that time has whizzed away and having a baby has left me without a moment to myself. But, although partly true, this would be misleading.

So, why have I taken so long to write?

Every time I sat down to spill out my thoughts on post-pregnancy life and freelancing, I was hit by blank. A big blank, which I was unable to get over, under or around.

Yes, having a baby does change you and your life. In a huge number of ways.

Yes, I do suddenly have less free time and more things to worry about.

Yes, it is amazing to watch your baby grow (quite literally) in front of you – the first smile melts your heart.

But, no, I don’t want me or my career to be defined by my newfound mother status.

No, being a mother, although very important, is not only thing in my life that matters.

Society is very quick to assign roles.

Women are mothers. Mothers are the main caregivers.

Although times are changing, there is a long way to go. And, the difference will never be completely erased. Biology has made sure of it.

Although there are some things we can’t, there are many we can.

Men need to be given the opportunity to put their careers on hold, like women do. Men need to adapt their vision of fatherhood to include taking time off work when their kids are sick or staying at home while their partner parties, travels or meets important clients.

Women need to be freed from the pressure of being perfect. Don’t want to breastfeed? So, what? Want to start back at work asap? So be it!

We live in a very different world from 50 or even 20 years ago. The “bad mother” is all the rage. The super mum has stumbled, but not yet fallen, from her pedestal.

So, in the end, this blog post, which took me so long to write, is more of a plea to be more open minded about motherhood.It’s been a while.

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