50 shades of lockdown: part 2

50 shades of lockdown: part 2

I’m back with more musings about life under lockdown. Having survived the first week, I began week 2 with a strange mix of optimism, boredom and blasé.

Day 8: a bit of blur

The days are starting to run together. It’s harder and harder to distinguish them apart. The big event of the day was my partner heading out to the shops for the first time since lockdown was announced. Being the prudent kind of person that he is, he’d already anticipated events and our cupboards were overflowing with food. But we did need some fresh fruit and vegetables and the alcohol stores were running low.

So, he set off to the supermarket. 3 hours later, he was back laden with groceries and exhausted by the experience of trying to keep a distance from people intent on amassing provisions.

In the evening, I also did my first staircase running session. Living on the 11th floor of a 13-storey building, I had plenty of steps to choose from. Needless to say, it was intense and rather claustrophobic with the light switching off at regular intervals. But it definitely got my heart racing and muscles moving.

Day 9: Peace and almost quiet

After a hectic few days workwise, this week is already a little quieter. Is this an impact of the pandemic? Hard to know really, as my workload varies throughout the year. I’m not too worried yet, as most of my clients are big companies that should stand the test of Covid-19. But I’ll have a much clearer idea in a few months.

In the meantime, I’m making the most of the calm to catch up on admin, get my website in order and all the other tasks I’ve been putting off… as well as a little reading on the sunny veranda.

Day 10: high impact

As I mentioned, I love to run. Given the circumstances, I’ve only been out twice, more to stretch my legs than anything else. But I was beginning to miss the buzz of a hard training session. So, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app, and my yoga mat now doubles up as a workout surface for burpees, squats and jumping jacks.

Day 11: the end of another long week

What can I say, the week has been long, repetitive and uneventful. Another online aperitif to remind us how to be sociable, although conversations keep coming back to the struggles of living in lockdown (with kids). On the plus side, being stuck at home, I’ve chatted to friends I have seen in a while and been in closer touch with my parents in the UK and sister living on the other side of the world in Australia. My mum, who isn’t usually much of a technophile, even suggested reading bedtime stories to Alex via Skype.

Day 12: fun ‘n’ games?

Another weekend. Another marathon of finding things to play from jigsaws to Lego, baking cookies to playing boules. Who knew that playing could be so tiring?

We’re a little better organised now though, taking it in turns, so the other can enjoy some alone time to read, watch series or relax.

Day 13: Lazy Sunday

Today was almost relaxing. I started with a short early morning run to avoid too many people. The sun was shining, spring was in the air and streets were almost deserted. With yoga stretches and a good book into the bargain, the day got off to a good start.

Day 14: to the grindstone

Back to the routine that has seen us safely through nearly 2 weeks of lockdown. I’m keeping busy with my ongoing projects and revamping the content on my website, although my motivation soars, dips and dives from one moment to the next. I can’t help feeling restless especially knowing that the situation may well continue for another month or more.

Now that week 2 has come and gone, how are you all feeling?

I’d love to hear about your highs and lows.

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