English copywriter in Paris: inspiration & chocolate brioche Part II

English copywriter in Paris: inspiration & chocolate brioche Part II

So you may, or may not remember, my article about starting out as a freelance copywriter. It was full of fresh enthusiasm about writing and chocolate brioche.

A few months have passed now. The initial moments of euphoric ‘I’m a freelance copywriter’ excitement have subsided. So what’s left?

This is a big question for a Friday afternoon. I have to admit that thought-gathering is a little challenging as the suns shines through my open window and I hear the gentle chink of early apéro glasses in the bar downstairs.


I’ll keep it short.  I think it’s time to bring out the bullet points.

What I miss

Moments of flitting nostalgia include:

–          Long wine-sipping lunch breaks with colleagues (not a real problem as I still manage to gatecrash the odd lunch without the obligation of going back to the office afterwards).

–          The excitement of collectively working on a new project with different teams – this revitalizing buzz is addictive. Luckily, I had chance to work with some really cool people on my freelance projects. And, although it’s not the same as working with the same faces, you know what they say, variety is the spice of work!

The best bits

Aside from the great people I’ve just mentioned, freelance copywriter highlights include:

–          Sunny afternoon swims

–          Proof-reading in the park

–          Unexpected projects that are really interesting

The worst bits

It may sound magical, but there are some occasional downsides to being a freelance copywriter:

–          Weekends no longer exist. If a project needs to be done it needs to be done. However, I have to admit that I quite like the fluidity of my new work week. I sometimes start work at 6am, but I’m finished by midday!

–          Clients are always in a hurry, except when it comes to paying your invoice.

–          Admin stuff always takes 5 times longer than you think.

–          Potential clients who are really keen to work with you, build up your hopes, only to then suddenly disappear. Come back…

Conclusion – what I’ve learnt – the moral of the freelance copywriter story

–          Freelancing writing is not just about writing. It involves being a man or woman of many (different coloured and sized) hats. I’ve become an admin assistant, marketing executive, sales person and personal coach in the space of a few short months.

–          Attitudes towards freelancing in France are changing, but very slowly. Reactions range from raised eyebrows (‘When are you going to find a proper job?’) to looks of panic (‘But what about job security?’) to obvious envy (You mean you don’t have an annoying boss AND you can get up when you want?). This topic deserves a whole new post. Watch this space.

–          It’s difficult to find the perfect chocolate brioche, especially in the 20ème near Nation. I’ve tasted some delicious bread, but the perfect brioche remains elusive. Perhaps, it’s for the best. We all need something to strive towards!

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