Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, new clients usually have lots of questions about my copywriting experience, pricing and the way I work. To anticipate some of the hesitations and queries you may have, I collected together answers to the most common questions in one place.
What kind of projects does English Copywriter in Paris work on? Does she have experience in your sector?


I like to get involved in a wide range of different english copywriting and translation projects – variety is the spice of writing, after all! Lots of my projects are web-based, that is to say, writing or adapting content for blogs, websites and social media.

Having said that, I also love doing offline content such as magazines, posters and brochures. I’m always reading up on different formats and exploring different styles of writing. Even if I haven’t already worked on a project exactly like yours (every project is unique, after all), I’m convinced that my copywriting skills and experience can be applied to new and exciting contexts. This approach also applies to working on different products and sectors.

While I have already worked on lots of B2C and B2B topics such as cars, perfume, fashion, travel, start-ups & tech, my writing skills can be used to promote any product. This can be a big advantage in getting an outsider view of a product you know inside out. Of course, each copywriting project involves lots of research and working closely with in-house teams.

How exactly would you work with English Copywriter in Paris? Is there a fixed workflow?

Each project is different and there is no set way to work with me. I’m flexible and always try to adapt to your specific requirements, whether you want your texts optimised for SEO or you have a very tight deadline to respect.

Generally, everything starts with a first meeting to get to know each other and discuss the project in question. Although this is usually in person, it could also be my phone or skype if it’s more practical. The next step would be to prepare and validate a (free and obligation-free) quote.

After this, it really depends on you. I often work remotely, however, I’m more than happy to come to your offices if it’s important to work alongside your creative or project teams. During your project, I’ll always available by email or phone to answer any questions as promptly as possible. Yes, rewriting is included in the price (within reason).

Why pay for an experienced copywriter when you have native English speakers /bilingual staff in house?

You may think that having English speakers or bilingual staff means you don’t really need get someone in from outside. Although this may be a cheaper approach, it isn’t necessarily the best way to obtain powerful, coherent content in line with your brand values.

Using their experience, native English copywriters like me can analyse your needs and formulate your unique selling points to inspire your customers to take action. Although English may be your mother tongue, you haven’t spent years learning how to craft an engaging message. If English isn’t your first language, you may speak it fluently, but some small nuances will escape you.

I’ve been living in France for over 7 years and speak French fluently, but I don’t create French marketing content.

Why not just use a straightforward translation agency that’s much cheaper?

Translation agencies can be a good, cost-effective solution for non-creative copy such as instruction manuals. However, as soon as the content gets creative, you need to be wary.

Yes, some agencies are starting to offer more comprehensive transcreation services, but they can’t necessarily guarantee that the same person will always work on your copy and you won’t necessarily have a direct, personal relationship with the writer.

Your choice really depends on the project. Do you want a literal translation? A creative adaptation? To communicate the same overall message in way that will appeal to an English or international audience? Create content directly in English based on a brief?

How much will it cost?


Once again, each estimate is adapted to the project based on the amount of time required and its complexity. To give you a rough idea, my day rate starts at €500 (excluding tax).




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