Build targeted, meaningful messages in English
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Effortlessly transform creative copy and advertising slogans into English
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Adapt French or Spanish copy into pertinent English

From copywriting for print to Paris travel guides and web copy with lots of je ne sais quoi

Do you need to communicate your ideas in a clear, powerful and appealing way? Do you want to adapt your message to the needs of different English-speaking or international audiences?




Bringing French content to life in English with elegance, style and attention to detail


Sharing ideas, visions and information using a very versatile format


Connecting with your B2B customers in targeted, efficient yet personal way


Plunging into the latest news, creating personal connections, discovering different points of view


Providing guidance for all your editorial projects, from editorial guidelines to brand books and mission…


Finding the right tone of voice and vocabulary to communicate internally and at an institutional…


Capturing your news and innovations in inspiring press releases for your target audience


Tangible tools beyond the screen to communicate, share and inform

An English woman in Paris

One day, after a few years working as a digital English copywriter for different companies in Paris, it hit me. Why not do what I love all day long (working with words) on my own terms and without all the annoying bits – long convoluted meetings, daily commuting etc.? And so, English Copywriter in Paris was born.


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A Brit in the banlieue
A Brit in the banlieue
Obviously, Covid-19 is on everyone’s lips and keyboards at the moment. Once of the advantages of being stuck at home is having more free time……
When an English Copywriter becomes French
When an English Copywriter becomes French
In the past, I’ve written quite a few articles about copywriting from explaining SEO to the impact of Artificial intelligence. So, I thought it was time to share…
Christmas adverts: understanding a very British tradition
Christmas adverts: understanding a very British tradition
When I first moved to France, one of the biggest shocks to the system was Christmas. It was suddenly so understated, elegant and didn’t even…
Just how easy is it to become bilingual?
Just how easy is it to become bilingual?
I’ve been living and working in France for quite a while now. I use thousands of French words every day, but when the crunch comes,…

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