English Copywriter in Paris: from copywriting for print to Paris travel guides and web copy with lots of je ne sais quoi.

Do you need to communicate your ideas in a clear, powerful and appealing way? Do you want to adapt your message to the needs of different English-speaking or international audiences?


Eye-catching copy in a fast-paced environment ex. web copy, social media, email campaigns, blogs, websites & MOOCs.

Powerful and insightful messages for any product, service or brand e.g. print, articles, books, brochures & flyers.

Carefully adapting ideas & content from French or Spanish into English for the UK and international markets.

The right words in the right way working from French to English or Spanish to English.


+ English language editorial strategy and advice

+ Close partnerships with talented web designers, French copywriters, EN-FR translators, Artistic Directors etc.

+ Optimization SEO

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