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From copywriting for print to Paris travel guides and web copy with lots of je ne sais quoi

Do you need to communicate your ideas in a clear, powerful and appealing way? Do you want to adapt your message to the needs of different English-speaking or international audiences?


An English woman in Paris

One day, after a few years working as a digital English copywriter for different companies in Paris, it hit me. Why not do what I love all day long (working with words) on my own terms and without all the annoying bits – long convoluted meetings, daily commuting etc.?

And so, English Copywriter in Paris was born.


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English copywriter in Paris: inspiration & chocolate brioche Part II
So you may, or may not remember, my article about starting out as a freelance copywriter. It was full of fresh enthusiasm about writing and…
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Paris is a city on the go. Not up there with the likes of New York, but by French standards it’s the fast-paced high life.…
English copywriter in Paris: understanding the Rentrée
Definition Rentrée, Nom féminin : Reprise des activités après des vacances This can be loosely translated as the ‘going back’ after the summer holidays. Yet…
English Copywriter in Paris: making Rentrée resolutions
The rentrée is well and truly with us. There’s no escape. It’s back to school, work and routine. Gone are the long lazy summer days…

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