50 shades of lockdown – part 7

Last week I took a break from my quarantine diary to share my favourite Covid-19 related ads. But today, I’m back with a few more musings as un-quarantining gets ever closer in France.

50 shades of freedom?

In just under a week, we will be slowly liberated through a combination of widespread testing, civic responsibility and very progressive unlocking mesures. To start off, we’ll be allowed up to 100km from home to see up to 10 people with no permission slip needed. But, given the arduous weeks of confinement, I’m sure it’ll feel like fully fledged freedom.

At least for a while.

Home sweet home

Obviously, the idea is still to stay at home as much as possible. Given that I collaborate remotely with most of my clients, it won’t change much workwise – hopefully there are lots of inspiring project just waiting to be launched. But at least I’ll be able to run beyond the now-so-familiar 1km perimeter, go for a drive and see a few friends for a home-cooked meal.

Back to skool

If all goes to plan, my son will also be starting back at creche soon. This is a little worrying given how hard it will be to impose social distancing on a group of boisterous 3-year-olds. But on balance, I think it will be good for him to see other children again and for us parents to work without distractions.

The future is…uncertain

What lies beyond 11th May is, however, still very hazy. How easily can social distancing be implemented in urban transport, given that, on an average day, 7 million people use Paris’s bus, trams, trains and metros.

When will cinemas and restaurants open? Will we be able to go on holiday or visit family living abroad? My parents live near London and my sister far away in Australia. The Aussies have already declared that their international border will be closed until the end of the year (until we find a cure or the pandemic is under control). So, it looks like family reunions will have to wait.

And the big question: when will life get back to normal, if ever? And do we want it to?

Let me know what you think.

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