English Copywriter in Paris: becoming a star

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve written here.

I could come up with a whole host of plausible (and implausible) excuses including a bunch of new projects, Christmas festivities and having my laptop stolen by a passing computer-hacking badger!

Yet, the absence of articles remains very, well, absent.

As I’m waiting for the camera crew to arrive on set, I’ve decided to put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard).

Camera crew? Film set? Aren’t you just a humble copywriter?

Indeed I am. But, I’m currently helping with the English script for a corporate film for Mangopay.com, (B2B version of online money pot site Leetchi.com). I was really excited to be asked to not only rewrite the English texts for the Leetchi site, but also to temporarily take on the official role of “English Script Writer” to create a gripping corporate video! (Well, at least one that’s not too full of Franglish).

So, what’s the point of the article aside from recounting my high-flying film exploits?

I guess, if push comes to shove, it could be about new opportunities. I may have missed the New Year’s Resolutions slot and Valentine’s Day is slipping gently by, but it’s still just about the beginning of 2014. I figured that an uplifting new beginnings approach wouldn’t go amiss. This year I’m hoping to branch out (who knows, maybe there a more film opportunities just around the corner?!) and also focus on what I’m good at. That means lot’s more website adaptations and value-adding translations.

What about you guys? What’s 2014 got in store for you?

Before writing off, here’s some cheesy mid-February inspiration (I’m not usually into this kind of thing, but what the heck!)

Inspirational quote - when nothing goes right, go left

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