English copywriter in Paris: Paris freelancing hotspots

English copywriter in Paris: Paris freelancing hotspots

Having recently analysed French attitudes to freelancing (shock, horror and downright envy!), now it’s time to get down to details and sift out the best places for freelancing the days away.

Cafés and websites dedicated to freelancing are springing up all over Paris. I haven’t tested all of them. I’m kind of slow off the mark as I’m surprisingly productive in my cosy little flat. If inspiration falters, I have a nice wifi-friendly local café with outdoor seating (sunny in the summer & heated in the winter) and a state of the art library just around the corner.

I do sometimes wander a little further afield – here are my Parisian freelancing highlights.

The Anticafé: ‘Pay for time. Consume for free’

Pay an hourly rate and all snacks, drinks, printing & wifi are included in the price.


Unlimited coffee, quietly industrious atmosphere


Can get a little expensive

79 rue Quincampoix, 75003

1 hour = €2-€4, 1 day = €14


Starbucks: needs no introductions

A little soulless, often crowded, but still a mecca for freelancers with free wifi, large tables and no-hassle service.


Annoymous, no-pressure environment


Fighting for space with the tourists


Craft Café: Un tiers-lieu où doper sa créativité (a ‘third place’ for boosting creativity)

Somewhere between a café, reading room and co-working space.


Amazing coffee – the grains are roasted by the famous Café Lomi, open on Sundays


Can’t think of anything, I’ll keep you posted

24 rue des Vinaigriers 75010


Les Pères Populaires: hipster freelance destination

Hipster cool hangout in the 20ème where freelancers mingle and mix with the locals


Inexpensive (yes, coffee at 1 does exist in Paris)


Can get a little hectic – avoid lunchtimes and evenings


46 rue de Buzenval, 75020

My conclusion?

Pick a place to fit your mood. There’s nothing better than a sunny bench in a quiet park for a spot of proof reading. Brainstorming requires caffeine and a buzzing atmosphere. Longer pieces need complete concentration, peace and quiet.

If you have any other freelance havens like me know!

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