How to make your messages meaningful during Covid-19

With Covid-19, times have changed. Fast.

As have people’s expectations and their vision of the world. Some are feeling a little insecure. Others extremely worried. Yet more are convinced that this is an opportunity to change the way we live and look after our planet.

But what does this mean for the way brands communicate?

What is the best way to convey messages in a more “Covid-friendly” way?


Given just how uncertain things are at the moment, reassuring your audiences should be your NO.1 priority.

Rather than conveying a sense of urgency, focus on how you are supporting customers. Let them know what changes you are making to adapt to the situation with clear reasons and explanations – remember to also indicate where they can find additional information.

As a general rule, highlight the value you can add, rather than simply trying to bump up your sales.

  • Get rid of those exclamation marks and pushy slogans – now is not the time
  • Jokes? Don’t even go there
  • Highlight any elements relating to health and safety with adjectives like “social-distancing friendly”, “contactless” or “remote”


It might seem obvious but show you care and know life is tough for lots of people at the moment. There is no need to go over the top and you definitely shouldn’t overpromise with miracle solutions. Be realistic without focusing too much on the doom and gloom. By taking the time to understand the concerns and challenges of your audience, you can provide concrete advice and help, or simply be a friendly voice at a difficult time.

  • Keep your tone friendly and direct without resorting to emoticons & Co.
  • Steer away from the clichéd phrases popping up everywhere like “In these uncertain times”
  • Say thank you – recognise the importance of your customers, partners and employees


Although the pandemic has had an overwhelmingly negative impact, it is also a source of new opportunities and solutions. Difficult situations can bring out the best of our creativity. Necessity drives action. We all need to keep going. So, stay positive (although no effusive), dwelling on the can dos rather than the cannots. This is also an opportunity to push for greener and fairer change, so why not highlight what you are doing to achieve this?

  • Use active verbs and phrases like “build”, “discover” or “let’s”
  • Don’t act like Covid-19 isn’t happening – although it might be tempting sometimes
  • Share achievements, new products and opportunities for positive change – both from your brand and the wider community/industry

 A few words to finish

It looks like Covid-19 will be with us for a while. Companies and brands need to keep communicating and will evitably be launching new products and services. By choosing your words carefully and finding the right tone, copywriting will remain a powerful tool for connecting with customers.

Any covid-friendly tips of your own?

Experiences of tone-deaf or on-target Covid messaging?

I’d love to hear from you.

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